March 4th, 2017


Misc stuff

  • placeholders for all sfx are now in
  • added emote sounds to some animals
  • added dyslexic font support
  • fix: mobs get stuck sometimes, now game detects it and gives them a push
  • fix: spiders no longer get stuck
  • fix: smoothed walking transition from horizontal->diagonal
  • fix: breathe hole was badly placed for taller animals (meaning a horse could drown when in knee-high water)
  • fix: crafting bug
  • lots of work discussing sound effects
  • volume of sfx, etc is stored in user settings
  • fix: UI slider bug

I also ran a non-conference this week called #NotGDC. Check it out, there are a lot of interesting short talks and videos about various gamedev topics. Personal status: not much sleep this week, got a busy week next week, and moving into new office next Saturday.



How does dyslexic font work? Does it switch some letters around to cancel out their errors or something?


it makes letters more distinct and adds weight to the bottom to help anchor the letters…


I see. That is quite interesting, I wonder how much research was needed to make it work.


I think that font was made by one guy to help with his own dyslexia, but he’s iterated on it a bit based on feedback.