May 28th, 2016


The big news this week was that we released the Linux version of the Moonman alpha. If you’re an alpha tester you can check it out here. It was a great achievement by Sam to get it all up and running so quickly, and over the next couple of weeks we’ll sort out any issues that people have had.

While this has been going on Alex and I have been in art mode, sorting through the large amount of stuff we have, filling in gaps, making sure we similar colours for similar materials, and so on. It’s a big job due to the sheer amount of assets we have, but we’re making our way through. There are lots of things like tiny piles of skulls that all needed to be cleaned up and finalised.

I’ll be implementing the labyrinth next and I just added some of the new tiles in this morning. See you next week!


Possibly a small tutorial is in the future? I’m stuck with no clue how to break stone. It took me a half hour to even find my inventory.


Hey dude, we’ll definitely add more tooltips/info about what tools do what, and I hope to streamline everything to make it all clearer. There is also a ‘help’ option in the menu, which specifies what the main keys are.


Sounds good.


Im extremely hyped for this game! Hope you can get your first build out soon!


also, I had an idea; What if Moonman had a rival called Sunman? You’d meet him occasionally around the world and interact with him somehow. I would imagine he’d be a yellow, round faced, colorswap version of Moonman. I can already imagine having an arm wrestling match with him or something. What do you think?

Just pre-ordered the game, by the way! Really excited for the release :moonman_open:

(I didn’t have any perms to make my own topic about this… so i’ll post it here!)


There was some talk of a character called sun woman on tig forum… i drew a picture of her, it might be under moonman comic topic or under general discussion


Oh man, I remember that when I was reading through the devlog when I first discovered Moonman.


:moonman_squid:oh yeah! I remember reading about that! For me, I just really care about Ben adding a rival character or something like that.


Thanks for pre-ordering and welcome! :slight_smile:

Ha, yes Moonman did have a rival planned, but the game grew bigger and he doesn’t have a rival anymore. One thing we do have planned is a playable character called Meteor, who looks like Moonman but is bright yellow and perpetually on fire.


Ha oh yeah. Well we do have a female human character in the pipeline, but no sun woman.


Aww. But still, even if houselegs and rivals can’t be implemented, im still HYPE! :moonman_open:


@ben it will never die.

I was just thinking about a big hammer with a description “big enough to be a leg for a house”


Dude! I will do that.


Did you ever see the movie “a christmas story”


:stuck_out_tongue: oh my …


Oh my god I’ve seen that movie far too many times XD