Moonman Alpha: First Build!


The first build for the closed alpha test has just been uploaded! If you backed Moonman at the $20 alpha tier or above, or bought the Moonman Alpha through the Humble Widget, then you now have access to this private early-look of the game.

What’s an alpha? The alpha is a very early build of Moonman and is for Windows only. It contains a small subset of features from the game and will generally be quite clunky and broken. Nonetheless we’ll put some fun stuff in there and we really appreciate feedback on broken things, crashes, and other bugs that you encounter.

How do I get it? To get your private copy, enter your email address in the humble keyresender at:

It doesn’t work! If you have any issues, please read the support page over here: Support. The page explains how to get access to the alpha, what to expect, how to report bugs, and presents answers to some infrequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered then leave a message over on the alpha forums. (If you leave a comment on this Kickstarter post then I may not see it for a few weeks.)


Downloaded! So excited to play this! Thanks Ben


Downloading now! :moonman_open:


Excellent! I will give it a bash when the boss isn’t looking! :smiley:


I hate to be that guy, but is there projected date of when this’ll be an OS X alpha too? If it ever will? :smile:


Yep, there’s definitely going to be an OSX alpha, but it’ll be about 3 months away at this stage. I’ve got to get the bulk of the game systems finalised before working on the ports.