Moonman Alpha News, Changelog, Gui Mockup, Forest Generator


Moonman Alpha

I’ve been focussing on just getting the alpha build done these last two weeks, which involves lots of patches here and there, and some sloppy code to get various things done quickly. I’ve just sent the build to Humble and will send out a notification to all the alpha backers when it’s available.

The first build for the closed alpha contains a single little level – the forest – which you can jump around in and explore. These first alphas are just tech demos that demonstrate some of the basic mechanics and art. We’ll continue to update the alpha alongside the main branch of the game, and I hope that in a couple of months we’ll be able to join together a few areas into a ‘proper game’. Then after that we’ll expand the game by adding more areas, items, and interesting things like puzzles and bigger creatures.

The support post here will explain the alpha testing in more detail.

Linux and OSX?

We’re focussing just on windows for the next few months, and so the alpha builds for linux and osx will be a few months away. Theoretically we could release something for those platforms, but then we’d have a lot of extra overhead in maintaining the alpha alongside the windows version. It is better to wait until I have centralised all the platform-specific code and set up a proper system for building on the other platforms.

If you’re an alpha backer and don’t have access to windows or a windows emulation layer then I apologise for this. I know this will be a little annoying and frustrating, but I’d rather focus on turning moonman into a fun playable game before dealing with porting and all the issues involved.


Here’s a few of the key things we’ve been working on the last two months.

redesigned some sprites and tiles
fleshed out some character concepts
first samples of the new music
plants distribute a little nicer now
disabled saving for now
added auto_zoom
refactor background system, more layers in forest background
added keyboard mappings: Qwerty, Azerty, Dvorak etc
experimental controller support
mouse overrides controller when moved
menu cleanup
user can now input seed for the world
Moonman inventory persists across death
(slightly) improved ladder climb and melee animations
bird no longer attacks
fix: corpses no longer re-die over and over
added simple dungeons under forest with loot
moonman glows underground
new plants, mushrooms, etc
forest: added mossy 'underforest' layer
added basic house templates
new and updated blocks: roof tiles, moss, wood wall, glass, etc
new and updated objects: book piles, windows, tables etc
major refactor of world generator, reimplementation of forest and cave generators
block ids are processed into a header for easy access
replacing boost::geometry with geometric tools
destroyed chest spawns items
chest now lock blocks they are attached to, so you can't destroy it by hitting the block
Doors open both ways
renderer fixes
misc bug fixes
centralised all resources into data/
settings cleanup
implemented launcher and auto-updater
added bugsplat crash reporterg
updated to sfml-2.2
cleanup of boost dependencies
improved build, deploy and misc scripts

Gui Mockup

I’ve been experimenting a tiny bit with the GUI, and mocked up multiple versions. Ultimately though, I think this is something that depends heavily on the gameplay and the final art style. So I will probably keep the plain green gui for a while, until I spend some time discussing the GUI with the team and play-testing a couple of things. Here’s one of my shinier mockups:

Forest Generator

I’ve been working on the forest generator quite a lot. It now generates houses on the surface, an underforest area, a cave area, and randomly scatters dungeons and spider nests around the place. I’ve rushed a lot of things just to get something out for the alpha, and I’ve got to spend a lot of time thinking about how to constrain the levels to make more sense and be more fun. The generator still has some major flaws, for example some houses get flooded occasionally. It’s kind of hilarious to come across this sort of situation, especially as the merchant doesn’t care that he’s drowning.


Seems like it’s up over on Humble for me. :moonman_gradient:


I downloaded the game but it doesn’t ask for a key. How would I enter it?


I updated the support page: Support


So when the game updates and I type in the key, will it save the key or will I have to type it every time?


It’ll save the key in the windows registry so you don’t have to re-enter it. Unless you press ‘reset key’, in which case it’ll forget the key.


Awesome thanks


So just as a bug warning or something, my computer on win8 is having a hissy fit with the running the program. Both chrome and win8 recognize it as malware so there must be something in the program that is similar to malware


Yeah, the same thing happened to me.


Oh, could you please post screenshots of the warning it shows? I’ve never had the issue on win8.


Its just the basic windows 8 smart screen and Norton messages, chrome says it could be harmful to your browsing experience, so you have to change chrome’s settings.


Sorry, but I can’t remember the reason Norton marked it as unsafe.


Oh, but doesn’t that say the same thing for any executable you download and try to run?

Yeah I’m familiar with this, unfortunately there’s no way around it as chrome will flag most zips that contain exes, unless they come from a trusted distributor.

Thanks anyway!


I don’t really remember it popping up often when using .exe files. I’m not sure but I think smart-screen mostly blocks .exe files that run without installing.


Oh right, well that’s out of my control so lets forget about it :crazy:


Yeah, oh well