Moonman Emojis!


@ben suggested we create Moonman emojis for the forum!

So go ahead and post your emojis here!

Here are mine so far:


Those are sweet! How do we use 'em in the forum?


We can use them when Ben decides to implement them! [:D]


So something like this?

The image file is 64 x 64, and I posted it at 20 x 20, the same size the other emojis are displayed. Here’s a direct size comparison: :grinning:

The corners are a bit blurry when resized like that though, hmm…


Yep let’s keep the emoji at the right size. I just added the small one as :_moonman_: but we should do a nice single colour one too. Also would be fun to have pig mask, solomon, moons, etc! :smiley:

testing: :moonman: :moonman: :moonman: :moonman:


:moonman: yay can’t wait for this game


Ok so I changed mine to match the right size, please work your emoji-implementing magic, @ben!

Yeah, mine are even matching the colors of the favicon! [:D]


Done! Thanks @Lemoncreme and @qwercus!

:moonman: :moonman_closed: :moonman_gradient: :moonman_open: :moonman_shock:


Made pig mask and grin mask.


thx @Lemoncrem

here are the mask images if someone wants to do a few more


:crazy: is `:crazy:


@ben Tadaaa!


@Lemoncreme - thx! here are the emojis: :kabuki: :skull: :bunny: :owl:

Can you please redo the pig one :slight_smile:


Here ya go:


thx, here it is :pig:


Why can’t I upload pictures???


I have a couple emojis I made, but I can’t post them.


Just upload them to, then use the link here.


Uhh… I’ve never hear of it. Do you need an account there?


And now for some reason, it works. Never mind!