Moonman Emojis!


Here are the emojis I made. Sorry if they’re duplicates, but here they are

Photo-Negative Moonman:

Confused Moonman:

Evil Moonman:

I was gonna work on a superhero one, but it got screwed up.


Here’s another one that I had a LOT of fun making:



Use <img src="" width="20" height="20">, because they need to be 20x20.


I’m happy to add new emojis if they follow the same size and style as the existing ones.

Also, I’m not sure why you can’t upload images? You may need to have a higher account level to upload them, I’m not sure.


It worked a moment after I said it wouldn’t work. So, it’s resolved.


Here are the correct resolution emojis:

Photo-Negative Moonman:

Confused Moonman:

Evil Moonman:


:moonman: :moonman_inverse: :moonman_confused: :moonman_evil:


Woo! They’re working! Testing: :moonman_inverse: :moonman_confused: :moonman_evil:


Here’s just a simple one I made in 5 seconds:

Moonman Flipped:


I made a pie emoji!


@ben Could you make a new category for emojis that’s only the Moonman-related ones? Also, are the helmets emojis yet? And the pie? :moonman:


whats a category for emojis?


You those little tabs on the emoji picker menu thing? That’s what I mean by category.


I don’t think that’s possible. I think we’ve got enough emojis for now :stuck_out_tongue:


You can never have enough emojis, ben… :pig: