Moonman is now called MoonQuest!


In case you missed the news, Moonman is now called “MoonQuest”.

This forum is therefore being updated to match the new name. Hopefully I won’t break anything when migrating it to the new domain at

The forums will be back up soon after release.



Maybe I did miss the news, but … why? Was it some kind of horrible trademark infringement thing?
Anyway as long as Moonman is still in it, I am :smiley:


Yeah, he’s still in it! :moonman:

The main reason is that if you google moonman you get something I don’t want to be associated with.


Yeah. The first few time I searched for the forum, I was a bit surprised. I also read the backstory, and it’s always surprising to see how the internet changed an innocent Mac Donald mascot into that.


That’s the internet for you. I was a bit devastated when I first found it, but that was years ago and I’ve moved on.