MoonQuest Art!


Post your fan art here. Here’s a small selection of existing artworks to get you inspired! :slight_smile: The credits for these can by found here, here, and here.



Wow, I love this art style. Great work if it’s yours. :smiley:



Wow awesome stuff i particularly like the pipe smoking moon man and the honey mouthed bee communing moon man : D


This is a mspaint-style thing I doodled this morning using the anonymous art collab site


I made some Moonman wallpaper! (I can make different resolutions if anybody is interested)


moonman makes friends with a skittish singing stone… Who keeps buring pies?


This was my creature submission :smile:


I took this, and blurred the fact to get a cool little effect. I hope that’s okay. Anyways, here it is:


And I was just toying around when I made THIS:


I would like to know if the Beehive Golem monsters are actually gonna be in the game. If not, ADD THEM!


Lol! :crazy:



Flipnote Knight Doodle inspired by Moonman’s art style(^∇^)


Nice shade work flip B-)


Reminds me of the old mac paint program where you could paint with different b&w bitmap patterns. : )


Thanks B-)


Could be what Flipnote Studio 3D’s features are inspired by : P


Miscellaneous fan art, commissions, cameos, and other things! The rights to these remain with their respective owners. :moonman: