MoonQuest Art!


Awesome, and here’s a tough challenge: make it a sprite for the game. I guess it would be about sixteen pixels long…


Ok I will give it a try.

the first is the original size. I think the hardest part was trying to keep the foot shape.
Well @ben what do you think?


It’s a good start! Main crits: shapes not defined enough, handle too thick. Here’s some other hammer-like weapons, please revise. ( I love getting free work… :wink: )


Based on the other samples you provided (thanks), I was constricting myself too much. It seems I had more pixels to work with than I thought.


I hope this shows up good, I’m trying out new program on my phone…
It came out a little fuzzy but it is 3 pixels taller than my first and has a thinner handle with a better shape


Yeah, better! Just got to remove the aliasing. I had a few attempts with diff shapes.


From left to right, numbers 5 & 6!
I’m trying to keep the detail in the toes, I can remove the aliasing from the handle

Honestly it hurt to remove the detail :sweat:… I Keep finding 1 or 2 pixels that don’t look right, I’ve revised this 4 or 5 times now lol. Still trying to keep those toes.


Yeah it’s the difficulty with this res. Detail is hard to do when you have lots of different coloured pixels all in a small space, especially lots of isolated single pixels. The aliasing happens in the toes when you have parallel diagonal lines, etc. Tbh it’s not a huge issue, but a good opportunity to get better at the styel


Alternately I could opt for a boot instead of a foot.
I’m having fun trying to do your style

Hmmm this is actually funnier to me, what do you think?
You know what, I think I’m happier with the boot… plus it reads better.


haha yeah that’s a good one, i’ll put it on the list, the sprite is pretty decent

still need a ‘house leg’ maybe we have one of big mechanical ones for that


Any of the first 3, they all would make a great mechanical leg. Well I didnt intend for the boot to be its own thing, but now that it is we should name it.

Dos boot
Waffle stopper
Kick stick
Drop kicker


Kick Stick gets my vote
Although “Dos Boot” makes me chuckle, not sure if you intended to turn it into a pun or if you just typo’d “Das Boot”, but I like the implication of breaking the 4th wall interpreting “booting from MS DOS” as an attack.


Any other sprites you need help with? You guys have my creative side piqued, I’ve never tried pixel art but it looks like a fun challenge. What programs are you using for it?


Try Piskel:
Its a quick and free way to make pixel art and you can import and export sprites and everything. :crazy:


Also, while I wasn’t paying attention I drew this creepy version of Moonman:


Totally intentional. :laughing:


I use Aseprite and Gimp for Moonman. Let’s spin this out into a new pixel art thread and we can do some low res pixel art. Start with simple shapes like hearts, faces, etc, all about 8x8.




Pixel Art Thread!


Just experimenting with a font