MoonQuest Art!



Moonman getting slaughtered for hanging out in the wrong tower.

From an early build of Tower Curse.


mega moonman


haha love it guys :smiley:


I want to post my art SO BAD but I have no way of digitalizing it…


You could take a picture with your phone and post that


I don’t HAVE a phone… but I DO have a camera. That doesn’t work.


A neat little gif from the guys behind “Love You To Bits”




wait, how did i get here?


OH. OH MY GOD. :moonman_open:


I’ll tell you how. You accidentally left a chest open. A troll came and buried your pies in the chest. Unfortunately, you thought the pies were weapons, so you put them in your weapons chest. In that chest was also gunpowder. The troll buried the gunpowder, too. When you returned and started a campfire your base exploded and your pies came out of the ground, catapulting you into the atmosphere. Being a Moonman, you can breath without oxygen. After spending a couple of hours trying to find an orbiting rock or pie, you saw a bright light in the distance. Grabbing a pie that got gunpowder in it, you used a torch to set up a flare. One quick throw, and the light started coming towards you. The spacecraft picked you up, and there you are.


End of story.


Here’s my moonman sprite for Manyland:


Is that a piano? I can play piano. Moonman/Scarecrow piano duet.


I like that you gave him paunch with a bellybutton although I’d vote against nipples. His stance says “heeey!”


I hate to break this to you, but Moonman is like that in-game too. Nipples and all.


You lie! Batman never had nipples either! Everyone else totally does though, and now that I’m looking at it, I can’t unlook at it. They might as well have droopy genitalia! The only thing humans in this game feel shameful about is their faces, apparently, which is kind of progressive.


Well, he used to. And it shows nips and button in one of the game files.