MoonQuest Art!


Secret: the moonman and humans use the same body. It’s just that moonman nipples are the same colour as his skin.


I like your theory but neither the gunpowder nor the torch would ignite without oxygen, and I know you said it launched him in the atmosphere but I doubt that ship is actually inside it. The height that he’d be at, even if he was inside the planet’s atmosphere, probably wouldn’t have enough oxygen anyway.


You are good at science.


Aw yeh … some great Moonman fanart by Lowe Bros. They’ve done a bunch of other characters too at:


Dan’s on fleek again



I was messing around with my phone’s stylist and decided to draw a picture. :smile:


I think I’m getting used to how my phone’s stylist works :blush:


Haha @salt those are rad. :moonman:


Thank you. I was teaching my wife to drive and my watch kept ding-ing when you posted to twitter. :smile:


Haha, yep. Have you seen that video of the instagram with a million followers … the notifications are like 20 a second…


Skittish singing stone


Here’s my attempt at the skeleton king


Here’s a preview of the Weaver I’m drawing now.

…any requests? (moonman related)


Moonman with the grin mask! :smiley:


Okay I will give that a try… OK done.

I decided to go creepy. @Lemoncreme … i may do a non-creepy one too later




Ha I almost forgot about this guy. The singing stone … :musical_note:


Also I request a spaceman with helmet and laser gun, pew!


Ok I will work on that after I get home.
Edit* @ben ok did a quick and dirty spaceman.

No pew, sorry I forgot to leave room