MoonQuest Art!


Wiew cool!


I propose @salt do a MM Comic as a further backer reward :crazy:


mwaha that would be funny. you know what … if you do one salty, i’ll include it in a KS update, but i’ll also include it in a special folder in the game distribution.


OK challenge accepted.


I’m not much for drawing, but here you go.


Awe, he just wants a hug.


Haha. I imagine hugging him and fusing with him like in The Thing.


I was playing with a low-rez style




Here’s how picture “moonworld” (we need a name for this place)

I keep thinking about this world being born under a black sun, and it’s sky dominated by its many moons.


I called the planet Oed for a long time, but now I don’t call it anything. Neat drawing. The weird thing about this planet is that the moons are always locked to the same point on the surface, so I guess there would be 5 around the equator and then one on each pole? I try not to apply too much logic to the situation :crazy:


Oh I keep thinking there’s 8 for some reason.


The current list is:



And puzzle?


So more like this…


Puzzle is Veil.



Carl isn’t happy till he has had his morning coffee.


Lol that image could be cool if you don’t show the guys head.


Like his helmet is all fogged up?

After I drew this you posted carl on twitter… i realize now I should have made the suit blue, but I forgot what he looked like.