November 28th, 2016


Hello again! Last week was a blur - I was stuck in a nightmare of hats and headgear, of masks and glasses. Alex had updated and cleaned up many of the helms, and it was mainly rote work to drop them all into the game. The current count is around 150, but they won’t all appear in the beta – we’ll slowly enable them over time as we figure out their stats, which characters they appear on, and so on. Here are a few!

In addition to that we’ve been working on the town and townspeople. Alex has been creating new houses, doing the basic layout for the towns, and designing the sets of inhabitants you’ll find there. Each town will have a slightly different theme, so for instance one town might have naked fern-hat wearing people and another might have more dressed up civilised people. The ultimate goal is to have the theme determine their behaviour and properties but that’s a long way away – for now we just want to add some variation between playthroughs by changing up the basic styles.

Continuing with this topic we’re also creating variations of the major areas – e.g., the forest may be green or blue and have different plants and basic structure. Again this is just at a superficial level, but ultimately this would also determine how the level plays. It’s important to me to have all the basic ideas of Moonman in the Beta, and then expand them all over the following year.

Different skin colours for humans are now available – there are 3 different colours, for both playable characters and the townspeople. We also have a bunch of different faces etc, which means we have a colourful cast of humans.

Later today I’ll be writing a Kickstarter update with the new deadline and and some more info. Thanks for reading!