November 4th, 2016


Hey everyone! It’s PAXAus tomorrow, so here’s an early summary of my week:

  • alex and I are now working from my home studio,
  • the title screen is finalised,
  • tunnels are in (they connect different areas, see below),
  • added husks and bluecaps (glowing mushrooms) to forest,
  • tweak glow-wyrm distribution in forest,
  • some big bugs squished! so many bugs.

Unfortunately the sfx people have dropped out of the project, but I have a few other’s lined up, so I need to contact them soon to get that ball rolling. The good news is that I’ve reduced the set to about 50 sfx (down from 200), so it wasn’t completely wasted time.

See you next week! :moonman:


Nice work ben :slight_smile: so i suppose we are not really far from the release!


How did you pull off the SFX downsize? I’m curious.


Erm … :pensive: … some news about this may be coming soon.

Just merged heaps of things together – like all small animals will probably sound the same for this first release. Etc. Heart breaking but that’s economics.


oh no… is there going to be a delay?


Oh no


It’s likely – and I’m devastated. :moonman_closed:

We’ve made some great progress with world-building and engine stuff, but the game is still missing its heart. We’ll keep going at our current pace but it seems impossible that we could release it in just a few weeks.


@ben I have backed many games, and I can say your progress has been great. All the projects I have watched, have had delays, and I’m sure your fellow indie developers will tell you the same.
Moonman will find it’s heart and it will be even better when it’s done. Till then, we understand and support you.


@ben Don’t rush the release. You should probably talk about the current state in a KS update, though.


The Kickstarter Curse strikes again!

But seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a meaningful project that has hit its initial deadline. So long as you’re clear about what’s going on, people will be fine about it.


Sorry if was a bad question i have just asked. No pressure ben :slight_smile:


It’s totally fine bub. Take as much time as you need.


Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Deadlines are really great to have, but I really wanted to have the game out this year. Alex tried to convince me that we could do it, but I’m not convinced.

To add some something positive to this – I’m actually really happy with how the game is coming together. There’s still that ‘heart’ that I mentioned above, but generally everything works well and is starting to look really good. Occasionally there’ll be some horrible bug that I find that’s been in there for years, but day-to-day it’s pretty stable and fun.


This thread may be old, but I’ve got an idea. If a single sound is used for multiple SFX, is it possible to edit things like pitch or speed within the code? If it is, that means a single effect could be edited to serve multiple purposes. For example, lowering the pitch of an animal cry so it could be applied to another creature and it will still work.


Yep you can totally do that, and I do :slight_smile: