NPC dialogue wanted!


So I think I’ll be procedurally generating the text that comes out of the important NPCs. Following the success of the Tavern name generator I’d love to hear any suggestions you guys have, either specific phrases or general structures. Some examples:

Specific phrases:

- I like cats. 
- Beware the stone giant beyond the dark forest.
- Have you seen my trajectory?

General structures:

- I like <creature>.
- <warning!> The <creature> is nearby.
- Have you seen my <clothing>?
- I heard <name> say "<sentence>".

And so on… I’m not sure exactly if I’ll use a grammar-based generator, as I have an old markov-based system lying around from nanogenmo that has produced some interesting results.

July 10th, 2016: Tavern names wanted!

Dang… haven’t been able to think of any puns :C


Mesa wouldn’t worry about it.


Got a few different forms, some interesting nonsense.

  • Do not ever touch without cayley.
  • I must have spikeplate.
  • It is minimal, I desire the mirror.
  • Go away.
  • It is eternal, perhaps you could intend.
  • I saw an chasm enchanted.
  • I saw an enchanted tree.
  • You count could perhaps.
  • I was polished in a yellow pier.
  • It is moonlit and cruddy.
  • It is enchanted and lonely.
  • I saw a conspicuous hole.
  • I need thimble.
  • You should ban without pothagor.
  • It is enchanted.
  • Do not ever prick.
  • I desire the pike.
  • Stay with me, I have been memorised from elegances.
  • It is great.
  • It is majestic, I need spear.
  • I was switched in a dark place.
  • It is shiny, it is magical?
  • A saw well magical.
  • It is crummy, I was wrapped by conjecture.
  • Was I dressed in a green cave.
  • It is minimal and open.
  • Perhaps you could tip.
  • I desire bulwark.
  • I have been apologised by a butterfly.
  • I was bleached in a dark rock.


We could also do pseudo-dialogue such as:

  • Incoherent babbling about snail pies *


This [clothing] makes me feel [feeling (strong/itchy)].

I could really go for some [food/drink plural].

I got hit by a [creature/npc/weapon] [time (yesterday/today…)] and haven’t felt same since.

I want to be a [job type] someday.

I [feeling (Love/hate)] [creature/npc plural].

Fresh picked cats for sale!

Did you hear about [backer name]?, [sex (he/she/they)] [method of death].
Example: Did you hear about Salt?, he ate a bad thing.

What [measurement of time (day/month/year)] is it?

Have you seen my pet [creature]?

I don’t know if you had it in your neck of the woods, but as a kid we had mad libs, it was just like this


Aw yeh, nice!

Great suggestions, thanks! I’ll merge all these in together.

I remember we had a computer game at school and you’d type in peoples names and nouns it would make a short story with them. Of course we just typed in ‘boobies’ and ‘sex’ and stuff.


Yep that’s how I remember it


just dropping the old dialogue in here for reference.

“i hear things”,
“the land burns beyond the mountains”,
“you came from verde?”,
“you smell strange”,
“the world suffers”,
“the void is watching me”,
“Palus is life”

“this mountain belongs to all of us”,
“frozen ice is alive in this place”,
“the void is listening, hear”,
“to freeze is to live”


I lost my eyeball spoon.

Do you see them too?

Sometimes I hear screams from below.

I don’t remember how I got here.

Are you one of Them?

Did They send you?

They are always watching.

I thought a little paranoia would be fun



  • Incoherent whispering about pie
  • Noisy rambling about pencil
  • Babbling about guardian
  • Babbling about brush
  • Quiet babbling about bag
  • Quiet whispering about oil
  • Strange whispering about house
  • Strange babbling about nook
  • Strange babbling about value
  • Noisy rambling about hole
  • Quiet muttering about pier
  • Quiet babbling about chasm
  • Strange whispering about arrow
  • Incoherent rambling about passion
  • Noisy babbling about snail
  • Muttering about cockatrice
  • Noisy muttering about essence
  • Noisy rambling about meaning
  • Quiet whispering about bell
  • Muttering about thread


Implemented those forms…

  • I could maybe use a hound.
  • These clothes makes me feel lonely.
  • My clothes makes me shiny.
  • I could maybe have a pie.
  • These clothes makes me feel horrifying.
  • I could have some melon.
  • I could definitely use an egg.
  • This shoe makes me feel green.
  • This shoe makes me feel yellow.
  • I could maybe go for some grot.
  • I could definitely use a honey.
  • These pants makes me feel ancient.
  • These shoes makes me ancient.
  • My amulet makes me feel rough.
  • This shirt makes me feel enchanted.
  • I could definitely use an egg.
  • This shirt makes me feel ancient.
  • These pants makes me feel brown.
  • I could have a packful of yam?
  • I could maybe go for some salt.



  • What day is it, have you visited a merchant?
  • What year is it?
  • Is it the third millenium yet?
  • What cycle is it?
  • I want to be a merchant someday.
  • Is it the ninth millenium yet?


"Are you the man of moons? "


I am of the moon


We’ve got a cool bunch of phrases now!

  • Are you one of them?
  • These clothes makes me feel extreme!
  • I was needed by mantrases.
  • Strange whistling about brush
  • I could definitely have a containerful of honey.
  • Have you seen my pet fish?
  • Do you see them too?
  • Sometimes I hear howls from the bridge.
  • I need the mace.
  • I must have the shield.
  • Have you seen my pet comb?
  • I desire the needle.
  • I could definitely go for a yam.
  • I love mudcrabs.
  • Have you seen a ruler?
  • Rarely I sense howls from the pit.


Suggest some partial sentences, like you’re overhearing someone having a conversation or thinking out loud:

  • “…but even [pronoun] has to be [adjective]! I wonder if…”
  • “…surely it must be… but wait!”
  • “…[noun] [pronoun] says, [noun]! You can’t be…”
  • “…[noun] comes sooner than I feared. It must be stopped.”
  • “…you even HEARD what [pronoun] says?! It’s outrageous!”
  • “…whence where willows wallow, wasting well wary woods…” (or similar alliteration of other words that make vague sense together)
  • “…it’s the WORST that I’ve… SSHH! Here he comes!”
  • “…I’m just completely in awe of it. SSHH! Here he comes!”

Even better would be if every time you clicked on an NPC they picked a different line of dialog. That would make it somewhat more life-like and possibly weave its own narrative.


Liking a lot of these things! The incoherent babbling seems like only madmen should do it, while the more paranoid things would be just for regular people.


Everyone’s mad in this world. :grinning:


Okay now we need an NPC that spawns only once per world that talks completely normal, so the player feels uneasy near it and they have no idea why.

July 23rd, 2016