NPC dialogue wanted!


Madness is relative. :stuck_out_tongue:


One more quick addition. A sagely-like person somewhere should just say one line ever: “All is cheese.” What would really be cool is if that triggered a temporary status effect where the labels for everything (items, enemies, dirt, etc) all changed to say “Cheese” for 5 minutes or something, but I know that would be a lot of extra effort for what is essentially a gag.


I approve of this. Please make this happen ben :crazy:

  if (cheesed){
   return "cheese";
  else ...;


Nevermind… it’s apparently very easy to do :crazy:


Haha, yep, most things are easy like this, it’s just that there are thousands of them… :stuck_out_tongue:


“Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It’s very time consuming.” :watch:


You know what would be great, is if a small child told you his, “balloon floated behind an [object], and if you could fetch it”. When you go to get it, it’s a massive monster balloon with 32 rows of teeth that are dentist drills and is drooling anti-freeze. When you kill it, it drops a balloon that you give to the small child. Then it rains pancakes.


I don’t think that was asprin you just took


We are all lovers of [clothing].
[Creature]?! I’ve never seen it.
Woke up in this [clothing]… ahh.
I threw [object] at [creature]… no effect!
[Creature] has been known to [verb].
Remember the old [deity] ways.
I am angry and hungry.

also this kind of stuff:

[npc] shuffles its feet .
[npc] stares beyond your shoulder.
[npc] snickers softly.
[npc] twists its toe in the dust.


[quote=“klabelkholosh, post:30, topic:1494”]
I am angry and hungry. [/quote]
Could be written as… I am [feeling] and [feeling].
I am sick and worried.
I am happy and Dizzy.
I am confused and mad.

[quote=“klabelkholosh, post:30, topic:1494”]
[NPC] stares beyond your shoulder. [/quote]
This might be hard to convey in 2d, just staring would be easy though.

Nice suggestions :slight_smile:


A literal line of text stating “[NPC] stares beyond your shoulder” wouldn’t be hard to convey at all? o.O


My bad, I was thinking of a idle action for some reason


Great, thanks, I’ll add these sometime!


“[npc] over there keeps on yelling about us being in a “video game”… what a nut job”
“All hail the great and powerful .exe file”


I can’t seem to stop staring at that moon.
This [clothing] makes my skin itch
I heard on dark stormy night you can see a [creature] howling at the moon. (bonus if its something like “chicken”)
I dunno about you, but I think someone is watching us.
Are you saying I spent all that money for nothing? This puts me in dire straits.


@unavailable I hid in the cellar and barricaded the door, my family was huddled next to me… we had all heard the howls, the roving packs of blood thirsty chickens were out. We dare not emerge from our hiding spot till this bad moon passes.