October 15th, 2016

  • Durability damage affects weapons and wearables.
  • Broken weapons do minimum damage
  • Broken armour does half resistance
  • Broken helmets cause blindness (visibility is reduced)
  • Bulky armour slows you down a bit
  • Started making a big sfx spreadsheet
  • Misc organisational things
  • Disabled placing blocks or attacking when climbing
  • Alex and I will be moving office at the end of the month to work out of a home studio

What a boring devlog! :crazy:

I’ll make it more interesting, here’s some misc pixel art I’ve done this week:

And here’s a gif from a little after-work project:


That degrading effect gave me an idea. If we get potions, enchanted items or something like that, what if when they break down the bad effects have a certain % chance of being given to you when being used, and the good effects have a chance of being given to enemies. It would give them a downside that means if you want to use magic you have to be ready for EVERYTHING to go wrong.


Oh that’s interesting, I like it!




video or it didn’t happen


I hope I have an axe at home somewhere. Definitely have dirt.


I can show you how to edit Ben’s resource files to make that happen.



well in the new build the data/ folder is no longer there, mwaha


So… I need to try harder to hack it. Lol


haha, there’s no trick, just open the data.dat in a zip program. :stuck_out_tongue: