October 1st, 2016


So much stuff done! Start and end placeholders are now in. All main characters are ready. Moonstones can be collected. etc.

Death and respawning now works properly. When you die there is a chance that you’ll drop some of your stuff. This stuff appears as a ‘stash’ in the game, and only lasts for a limited time. If you die before you get your stuff back then it’s lost forever. When you die you’ll respawn at the nearest ‘safe’ position, which may be in a different region. For instance, if you die in the spider hive then you’ll respawn back in the forest at the hive entrance. For the larger levels, you’ll respawn near to your dropped stash in a safe location.

Quick travel via M can only be done if you’re in a safe area, not on fire, not underwater, etc.

Particle effects for status have also been upgraded. Here is “heal”, “poisoned”, and “cursed”:


Nice work! Looking at those status effects gave me an idea. What if there was a version of each effect that was very rare, and when you first get inflicted it spawns a monster. Like that poison slime would spawn a poisonous creature or a cursed item spawns a ghost. Just an idea.


Sounds good to me!

Cursing spawning little ghosts would be a great little side-effect. A weak curse could just spawn ghost rabbits and moths, but a strong curse might spawn hostile liches etc.


Speaking of ghosts… i think at the end of your credits page it would be cool to see a tribute to all the Carl’s that gave their lives for testing


Lost but not forgotten :sob:


Poor Carl. So many deaths.


“Many, many Carls were harmed in the making of this game.” [GIF of Carl dying horribly]


Don’t mind me, just waiting for a chance to use the carl meme.



Search up “military carl meme” on Google images. Otherwise you just get The Walking Dead…


I know, that’s carl segan. I almost posted a military one.