October 28th, 2016


Added lots of misc parts and blocks. E.g., husk - a crumbly organic material that will appear in the lower caves. We have the title screen mostly done. I also now have a linux build box set-up and have successfully built and ran the game, woo!

In other news – this is our last day in our office! We’re packing up tomorrow and Alex and I are moving to a studio based at my home. This will be MoonbaseHQ for the next few months!

Here’s the husk:

Have a great weekend!


Looking back at the early builds, it’s amazing that this is the same game. It has come a long way.

So the husk is the glowy bits? Like a bioluminesant mycelium.

…OMG I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, Moonman lives on Pandorum. Lol just kidding :joy:


Yep it sometimes seems strange to me, all the little decorations and things we have available now. [:D]