October 7th, 2016

  • Added back-wall-mounted lights
  • Alot more work on particle effects
  • Added bleed and blind status effects
  • Fix: lasers don’t glitch thru walls anymore (yay!)
  • Fall damage is now applied based on distance fell
  • You break some blocks if you land hard enough
  • Staves have energy and particle effects
  • Added poison and fire explosion effect
  • Added outlaw, _____, and _____ secret characters
  • First set of music tracks are almost done
  • Meeting with some SFX people next week
  • Domain for new game name bought
  • Numerous bugs fixed.
  • Some new bugs seemed to have appeared.

An outlaw meets a mollusc:

Stats for some of the ranged weapons:


I take it that’s the outlaw, looks cool. Kind of like Indiana Jones.
“Domain for new game name bought” so, are you going to share what that name is?


I tought the same! Please ben tell us the name!


Never!! :crazy:

If I tell you the name, then some people might like it, and others won’t, and then I’ll start doubting it. I spent way too much time going through alternatives and after all that, I don’t think it really matters what it’s called – as long as the name is simple and clear and isn’t totally unrelated to the game.


Ok I can wait and find out


It’s called Salty Moon Adventures.


I’m going to hold you to that :wink:


I don’t know what to think really :joy: