Pie Flavor?


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So, what flavor ARE they? :bunny:

EDIT: After much evaluation, the flavor of moonman pie is in fact bumbleberry snail.


I like how this is its own subtopic now. Anyway back on topic, it looks like cherry but that seems too obvious… Maybe something savory with a bit of vegemite in it, a meat pie?

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Here’s the original pie! Taken from this screenshot.


Ok, first investigation:

  1. Google image searched above image.
  2. Added keyword “pie”
  3. 90% of the pie-related images that came up from this search have been pumpkin pie.
    But the color of the pie is not of pumpkin. maybe it’s rotten? Or food coloring?
    Images of rotten pumpkin pie make me conclude, for now, that it is pumpkin pie disguised as another kind of pie.


Oh pumpkin pie, you’re better than that, you don’t need to hide who you really are.

…wait it’s in the ground and in disguise? Is it in some sort of witness protection program?

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Second attempt:

  1. Searched for common pie flavors, assuming the pie is of a fruit that exists in the real world.
  2. Bumbleberry pie or rasberry pie looks likely, judging from the color of the pie in-game:



After a closer look, it seems like its closer to the muted purple of bumbleberry.
Moonman pie is likely Bumbleberry Pie! :crazy:


Google image search of “hiding pie” had more to do with ponies than i hoped.

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It’s snail pie you guys.


So i was on the right track when i said savory.


(Nobody mention houselegs)


I hope it’s dragonfruit flavored. Mmm… dragonfruit…


Pie armor/weapons confirmed lol



I’m just going to put this here :crazy:
+100 deliciousness


challenge accepted :crazy:


Lol … that mustve taken a while!! :golf:




So Buried Pies are in the game now. My life is complete. :moonman_inverse:


They’ve been in the game for a long time…


Behold, the pie tome. What secrets does it hold?