Pixel Art


This thread is for posting any and all pixel art (preferably created by us) for fun and fortune. Feel free to post anything you’ve been having fun working on, concepts, requests for critique, etc. Especially encouraged are things relating to the MM universe that may inspire @ben and his team in their creative efforts.

Also on-topic are things like software, techniques, formats, animations and such-like. We should also take requests to some extent, if people have an idea and want it pixellated (obviously if it’s for commercial gain, appropriate deals must be worked out ad-hoc).

Go forth and reduce!

MoonQuest Art!

To start things off, I’m going to post a conundrum I’ve been having. I’m brand-spanking-new to pixel art and decided to take on probably the worst challenge ever and make a tiny gear. I’m trying to stay within about 7x7, but smaller would be better. Everything ends up looking like a star or a spiky square. Has someone managed to do this? I’ve googled examples but only come up with much larger versions or a ba-freaking-jillion “Gears of War” pixel art examples which make me :moonman_evil:


7x7 is challenging, why not go smaller?


Some tips!

  • Download some basic pixel art palettes like DB16 and use them as a starting point.
  • Limit yourself to as few colours as possible, focus on the shapes that adjacent pixels make, etc.
  • Use Snipping Tool (Windows-S “snip”), then copy-paste into this thread to quickly show stuff.


Pixel Challenge: 32x32 pixels, 4 colours, draw a face, go!


Here’s my entry.


Neat! Here’s mine. I cheated and only used 3 colours.


wow. I’m going to try again.



Great, now have a go at making some more interesting shapes. Use only 2 colours so you don’t have to think about value.

Here’s a guy in 2 colours:


Thanks for the tips! I’ll try that.


Jeeze you’re fast at these. I’m still fiddling around with my first attempt!


yep :smiley: Hope we can see your pixel art face soon!


Face emerging from shadows 32x32, 3 color


how do you guys make these 32x32 images so big? I know you can alter the size when you upload them but doesn’t that just make the image blurry?


I take a 32x32 image and make it 128x128 and png so every pixel is 4 pixels in size


Thanks for telling me! :smiley:


I’m lazy … I just zoom in on the image editor and then use Snipping Tool to take a screenshot and then copy-paste it into the forum.


super hero guy


hehe, really liking that. I’m absolutely horrible at drawing faces. I usually just draw props and stuff :moonman_open: