Pixel Art


ok, suggest a prop theme, let’s go! :slight_smile:


Hmmm. Draw a trophy case with 10 trophies in it. you can only use 2 colors, and the size must be 64*64


The phantom


Here you go!


niiiceee :smiley:


New challenge: fill in this shape


Here’s mine!





Dang it, I was going to draw a duck…



Lots more replies, but I won’t post them all :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what @salt @thanby and @Narrowism come up with.


Started drawing this when @ben said he was looking forward to seeing what we could do: Its waddle dee from Kirby returns to Dreamland. Was originally going to draw Dedede, but I couldn’t make it look good. Can’t wait to see what @salt and @thanby can make!


I just downloaded the shape… it’s 3am here so I will post mine after I sleep


Oh no, pressure’s on! I’ll try taking a stab at it after work (haha get it? Stab… like the Kirby one? …I’m sorry)

Edit: Wow, looking at the responses on your twitter thread is… intimidating.


i didn’t get much sleep… so this is rushed.
i like the shape challenge, it was fun :slight_smile:


Okay here’s my first shot… somewhat morbid but hey I wanted to be different :crazy:


Nice to wake up to these, great work guys :slight_smile: @salt yours is especially awesome.


I would have never thought of the titanic, very creative.


Woah, I just noticed that that was the Titanic! Good job, its way better than mine XD