Pixel Art


Shield and cross swords…

The limited color and space is proving challenging


Yeah i love working in such tight constraints, wiew :slight_smile:


I haven’t had the time to do something proper so I just threw together a sloppy “Mt Fuji”


planes are basically subs with wings


Nice work on the perspective!


Thanks, was just a quickie :slight_smile:


here’s a pokemon or something


My what big teeth you have


hey ehh i havent been on in a while… might as well join this thread first thing!
here’s some pixels i made a long time ago for my game erth:

(silver tools :moonman:)


Nice, very bright and I like the details on the bindings!


Looks like a pretty good game, that must have taken some time to make. The character design reminds me of prison architect.


thats funny because i started this long before prison architect was even released
and it did take a lot of time… :confused:


Just downloaded your game. I AM THANBY, SLAYER OF SHEEP, BASHER OF BUSHES, NOT MUCH ELSE YET BECAUSE I PISSED OFF MY STARTING TOWN AND THEY KEEP KILLING ME (oops, should have read the directions before randomly pressing buttons :crazy:). Anyways I’m enjoying the heck out of it so far, especially the cool music and SFX.


wow, glad you’re liking it so much, and thank you for buying it! it means a lot. :slight_smile:
& yes the guide is pretty useful haha


Nice pixels there! I played Erth for a bit, it has a nice Ultima mood to it!

A spider killed me.


woop! thanks for trying it out! its such an unpolished and unbalanced game, but if you somehow get the hang of it, it can be kind of rewarding.
at one point i went back and started porting it to GameMaker Studio and was planning on fixing bugs and generally improving the game. it ended up being a bit of a daunting task and i sort of re-abandoned it. oh well. onwards!


Yeah sometimes it’s easier to just move on, take your lessons learnt and continue forward!