Post your own screenshots from your games


Looking at the introduce yourself thread, I believe there are quite a few of us in the community who are game developers. This off topic thread is for you to show the moonman community your own games, and what you have been working on. They can be either gifs or screenshots. If it is just a screenshot, I recommend the tool Gyazo (there are many tools who offer the same functionality) as it lets you quickly upload screenshots.

Screenshots are best if they highlight a unique gameplay element, or showcase nice looking artwork.

Interested to see if anyone shows us an interesting game :smiley:


Yes, show off your games! Here’s a short fan game I made based on Cactus’ Psychosomnium.


Here’s some snaps of my latest game.

Not amazing, but it is still a WIP. I like your pic Ben, nice minimalistic colours :smile:


Nice :smiley: A planet exploring game, looks cool!


That looks cool! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much! I actually showcased this at Pax Australia this weekend, I got a laptop and $1000 from it. Not bad for a 14 year old :smiley:

I’m continuing to work on it, making it procedurally generate planets so the worlds are infinite. I’ll probably setup a website soon too, I’m hoping for some kind of official release.


I’d be happy to be recognized like that as an adult, let alone being your age :kabuki: Keep us posted on the website/release!


Awesome! Congratulations! I’ll be keeping an eye out for it. :smile:

Here’s one of my games!

B-Grade Renegade is a rogue-like top-down action game set in an alternate 1972. The world has gone to hell, and Foxy must choose her route and fight her way across the remnants of civilisation, in search of a new place to call home.

I started this game a long time ago in Game Salad, when I was learning to make games on my own. I’ve been learning Unity as well, but I want to get a few of my Game Salad games finished and shipped before I leave it behind. :smile:

I wanted to make a cool feeling driving game, where you can also get in and out of the vehicles. There’s a few mission types (rescue, exterminate, demolition and escape) and I may put some more in.

I’m currently working on the main map part, between missions, where I want the player to have interesting decisions to make at the broader scale, and then jump into the missions for some action.

A goal for the project has been to make a variety of systems that combine in cool ways, to allow for emergent gameplay scenarios, and the player improvising on the fly.

It needs an art overhaul, or an actual proper artist to give it some love. I’m thinking about styles that I think I can pull off myself, though. A lot of it is placeholder currently.

I was making it for iPad, but the controls are a bit complex. And now Game Salad can (partially) output to HTML5, so I’m now wanting to put it up on the web (perhaps, and/or Kongregate) and perhaps also try to get it on some platforms that support gamepads, like maybe Android TV, or Amazon Fire TV).

Here’s a trailer I made quite some time ago, that shows some of the gameplay in action.

  • Murray


Cool fangame, but is it intentional if you can use the bee to get out of the game?


I’m currently working on Erth, a top-down infinite RPG survival type game. It has a big focus on discovery, where mechanics such as item research, complex crafting and exploration are central to gameplay.


Thanks for sharing, looks awesome. Love the name too haha! :smiley:


Looks fun, great job!


Cool! I like the name Erth. Very cool. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


I’m working on a game called Apanga. The vision is a world with procedurally generated characters and storylines that offer interesting quests. The world itself is block-based and editable as well.

So far I’ve got some procedural land generation, editing, basic network setup, and the beginning of enemy behavior done. Tons of work left to do. (devlog)


Yeah, that’s the ending :wink:


Neat! :smile:

You’ve been working on this for a while now, awesome to see it’s still going strong!

Looking good! I think there’s so much potential in these kinds of universes, I just hope you can find your own niche and style that distinguishes this game from Minecraft and the like. :smiley:


Perhaps you didn’t understand, maybe you did. The bee can clip out of a certain part of the ceiling in a room, in which allows you to go to these empty rooms with no purpose. They extend forever.


Oh, that would be a bug. :bug:


Reminds me of rimworld