Random Screenshots 3


Being the third part in the trilogy of random screenshots.


Grandpa is learning how to find a path to a target point.


Cool pathfinding. Did the game engine show that HUD or did you have to code it yourself?

Also I challenge you to make the pathfinding spell out “MOONMAN”. Just because.


@ScarecrowAtMidnight Sorry the new official game name was changed to Moony McMoonface. :wink:

@ben wow the pathfinder is looking nice, is that a debug mode view?


Here’s an animation of the pathfinding:

Thx. I wrote the engine so yes to both of those. :wink:

Cheers Will, I typically draw things like this to the screen while I’m working on a feature, and then disable it once I’ve finished.

Dude, so tempted…


It’s Boaty McBoatface ALL OVER AGAIN…


Haha planning is the easy part, it’s the acting that is hard.


is working much better now, still a few hiccups here and there


Looking good, the pathfinding is coming along nicely. Carl is creeping… just watching from the bushes, pretend he’s not there maybe he will go away.


That’s actually a good idea for an AI attitude… “hides behind bushes”. I love seeing just a face pop up from behind them, like he’s in there for a reason.


arrow-shooting traps and their line of sight


Updated my dev tools, primarily so we can start making interesting objects to place in the world.


Sweet tools. Will we get to use them, like Minecraft’s Creative Mode?


Am I the only one who saw the robot?


Yeah I think it’s likely the Desktop version will have these editors, or some sort of “edit mode”. Mainly for playing around or maybe sharing a world with a friend. It’s a low priority though.


Ah. Interesting. If you do… LET US FLY.


Almost finished the export feature of the editor. Basically you draw rectangles around things and click ‘export’ and then I’ll read the structures into the game and instantiate them. This is going to be awesome :smiley:


Cool. This sounds really in-depth. I hope I get to use it some day.


Thanks! Yeah it’s almost ready for production use. Can’t wait to start populating the world with more cool things.


Working on cathedral generator. Getting there!!