Random Screenshots 3




Resisting temptation to copy and paste entire bee movie script into thread


The very first thing the script does is perpetuate a stupid myth about bumble been flight… not a good start


Okay I’ve gotta ask… What is everyone’s obsession with that movie? I’ve seen dozens of memes about it but they make little sense to me. I haven’t seen the movie nor have I heard anyone raving about it or even making fun of it, so I don’t understand the internet’s obsession with it.


It’s just one of those random stupid internet things.

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Might I suggest FSM as one of those churches
(Flying Spaghetti Monster)




Also good


I wish. my terrible old comp would blow up though.






A gold vein! Where does that door lead? I’m getting a Indiana Jones vibe.


Just to the spider hive.

“Snakes, I hate snakes!”


spreadsheets and so many sound effects


First bit of glue between the global world structure thingo and the game. That’s python on the right … and it can now generate some of the stuff the game needs to build a world. It’s exhausting work, as I have duplicate a lot of stuff between them, but I think it’ll be a quicker approach than coding that part in c++ for the time being. The image below shows the structure of this ‘world’, 3 areas joined with doors (the tunnel has 3 sub-areas (left, middle, right)).