September 17th, 2016

  • Character select is in place and functional. It’s a smooth carousel that works with kb, mouse, or controller. Example screenshot below with placeholder portraits. You can also see the tooltips for controls.
  • Character system is better, all character specification and creation code is in one place, which makes it easier to add new characters, effects, etc.
  • Inventory items can now be locked. This means you can’t remove them from the inventory slot. One example is shown below where the Twilight/Elemental character has horns you can’t remove. Two more examples: the moth character that will have wings that lock up the armour slot, wearing a cursed item will lock it until you uncurse.
  • Load menu shows more details about the same. You can now delete saved games.
  • All menus can be navigated with controller.
  • Updated speech bubbles and some other gui elements.
  • Using the Quantiser underwater will harm you.
  • Effects are shown as icons next to the health bar (oh there’s also a health bar now instead of the hearts.)

Character select screen with placeholder portraits:

Elemental has horns which can’t be removed from the helmet slot:

Credits screen first look:

Quantiser self-kill:

Status Effects icons:


Those portraits are nightmare fuel in the best way possible.


I really like the portraits, especially the brief text intro.


Looking really good, i preordered moonman a while ago and have been watching the forum every now and then. It just keeps getting better and better!

Good luck for the future!



Cheers, yeah I found that it added a bit more flavour to the characters. The text will also give you an idea about the capabilities and starting state of the character. For instance for the elemental/twilight guy it says he has an affinity for ore, and for the forest man it’ll say that he heals, etc.

Thanks! We’re working our asses off trying to get this thing in a fun minimally playable state before the Early Access launch. I’ll never achieve all my goals for the game but I think people will really enjoy exploring the world, unlocking the characters, and playing with the different items and blocks.


Here’s the next iteration of Moonman – I want more of a vacant stare, but it gives you an idea of the direction we are going. [:D]


Dangit. I liked the diamond border better. Much more interesting.


Haha oh well. I promise the game is just as good. :wink: