Small open source consoles, handhelds, and computers!


After going around the interwebs. I’ve came across a few neat little inexpensive consoles. Some which i own myself. I believe by sharing these wonderful systems with you all. At least one of them can get the attention they deserve. This will be updated when and if I come across any new inexpensive consoles, handhelds, or computers under $100 USD.

The first i would like to share is the Bit Box. Which is a single microcontroller based console. More info can be found here:

The UZEBOX, which is a small 8 bit build-it-yourself console. More info can be found at the official page here:

Also the Hackvision, which is also a tiny simple arduino based system. More info can be found here:

For the handheld game enthusiast. There is the Gamebuino, which is also a arduino based system. You can find more info here:

There is also the upcoming Arduboy, which is also a arduino based system. You can find out more info on their official kickstarter page:

For the cheap opensource tiny computers. There is the Fignition, which is a very small and very simple build it yourself computer kit. Which uses the old school Forth programming language. For more info, checkout the link:

There is also the Micromite Companion. Which is also a tiny inexpensive computer/microcontroller. That uses the BASIC language. For more info on this computer, checkout the link:


Cool thanks for sharing :slight_smile: The Gamebuino looks pretty cool!

Not a console, but I’m a fan of pico-8, it’s a small game making system.


Ah yes! The Pico 8, It’s neat! I would like to learn how to make games for it. But right now i’m trying to learn C coding, BASIC, and Forth coding.


Right, well good luck :smiley: I can only imagine you’re learning Forth for some legacy system, engineering job, or historical purposes? My first program was written in Basic when I was very young, about 25 years ago! It’s a good language to get accustomed to the basic concepts of programming.

C though, is another beast. Mastery over that will take you very far.


I’ve messed with BASIC before on my VIC20 (bought in 2014 for $20) just out of curiosity. It was an enjoyable experience learning how to code on a piece of history. But i first want to get familiar with C before getting back into BASIC, since they have a lot in common. The reason i’m getting into Forth is for the Fignition. I feel trying to learn both at the same time will get me all confused. Right now i’m learning C programming from a book called “C programming for the absolute beginner”. I want to learn it so I can eventually make a game for the Uzebox or Gamebuino. It’ll just be for fun. :grinning:

This has me thinking. You think you could make Moon Man on a Commodore 64 in BASIC? :laughing:


Of course :wink: