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It’s been a long and challenging road building MM (sorry if I’m a sucker for the original name), and it seems you and your compatriots have put your heart and soul into it the whole way. But delays have happened, scope has crept, and sometimes it seems you guys are just run ragged by all the work there is left to do before it can be released.

So I’d just like to put my two cents out there…
:crazy::crazy::crazy: KEEP ROCKIN IT MATE :crazy::crazy::crazy:

Just in case you were wondering, I’m pretty sure we’re all still psyched about this game and are totally cool with having to endure some delays and redesigns to see it happen. We started off with what seemed to be a neat pixel-art game that would amuse is for a little while, and what we’ve come into is a fully-detailed and intricate world with so much variety and replayability, with complex systems weaving it all together, and such amazing artwork and effects and new ideas springing up left and right… I don’t think anyone could be reasonably disappointed at having to wait a little longer to get the final product.

This game has truly evolved beyond even my wildest expectations in terms of details and complexity, and like you said, you haven’t even implemented to core story yet. You could release it as-is and have a better game than most of the crap on the market! So much vision and talent from you and your crew has gone into this that I don’t think there’s any way it won’t blow everyone’s mind when it is finally done.

So you just keep on goin’ and kill this thing harder than a black palm kills a predatory whale, and at least know that we’re all behind you 110% of the way. Whatever we can do to help, just let us know.

Do I hear a “HOO-RAH”?


On that note, I’m not sure if I can be of any assistance but I happen to be a little math-y and can write some mean object-oriented code, so if there’s a particular small system or concept I can tackle for you just let me know. I would also like to start a small social media marketing campaign on apps like imgur where I know I can get some new recruits psyched about the game, so if that sounds good to you just let me know and if there’s some specific material you think I should show off just send it my way. I’ve accidentally brought a handful of business to some other companies by just posting “I like this sh*t” with some images on there, so I’m sure MM would be an even bigger hit.


Two things… i love that one of my doodles was linked :smile: and I think community sourced assets is a good idea, we already did some but I know we could do more.

Plus getting to add something you created feels awesome.


Oh @thanby, thanks mate. I really appreciate this post. :moonman:

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since the Kickstarter – at a really high-level I’d say the first year was spent improving and tidying up all the graphics and the second year was spent world-building and making the engine more solid. Now I have a couple of months to weave it all together somewhat and then we’ll finally have a game on our hands. And in many ways, that’s when the project really begins … because at that point the game will be publicly available and we’ll have a whole bunch of people playing MM as it was intended. Tbh if you told me that the game would take another 5 years to reach v1.0 I wouldn’t be shocked. Although there is a huge variation, I’d say the average indie project takes about 5 years, with some of my favourites being in dev for over 10.

This is really great to hear, thanks, and I’m really glad you see it like this. <3 I think if the market wasn’t saturated with 2d sandboxes then I would have released MM much earlier, but I need to carve my own niche and so it’s been a bit of work to flesh out those ideas. Still … I hope to have BETA out soon, I really do!

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On that note, I’m not sure if I can be of any assistance but I happen to be a little math-y and can write some mean object-oriented code, so if there’s a particular small system or concept I can tackle for you just let me know. [/quote]

Oh man this is a really great offer, thanks! :heart: Unfortunately it wouldn’t be practical at this stage – my engine is quite idiosyncratic and it would take too much time to run you through it. I can imagine opening up parts of the system to modding – but that would be in the far far future.

Oh this would be amazing, and would really be helpful. Can we talk about it closer to the Beta release? (Likely in March).

Haha yes … actually I have a small TODO which is to add some of your fan art into a folder bundled with the game. I’d love to have an art section in the website featuring some of the best stuff too. I really need to spend a good couple of weeks on all this stuff – maybe more towards mid next-year.

Thanks again for this thread, you guys are the best. Thanks for sticking in there - I’ll be writing a KS post shortly with the updated schedule and an overview of the current state of the game.


I have something to add to this thread. Ever since I got my hands on the Alpha, I feel I haven’t been doing enough. I barely play it, the last time being before school starts. However, I’m upgrading my Netbook today and hope to get our Gaming Computer back to regular form soon, so expect me to be able to give you data from both the top and bottom ends of the tech spectrum. Honestly, if my Netbook can even run MM I’ll be amazed.


Just saw this in my inbox and wanted to add my own little bit to it. I’m pretty constantly impressed with how open and transparent you are with all the dev stuff. I work in the software business and I am painfully aware of how hard things are and how long things take and I’m super appreciative of all the updates and cool snippets and gifs and stuff you post, it’s really damn cool to see the process :slight_smile: I backed a ton of games on kickstarter and I think the MM stuff has by far been the most open and richly updated and I think that’s awesome and I’m still super hyped to try this out when it’s ready. From one Ben to another - just wanted to say that I think you’re awesome and to keep kicking ass :smiley:


Thx Scarecrow, but you should wait until the Beta is out! It has a special ‘low gfx’ mode that I’d love you to test. Just hold on a few more months! :slight_smile:

Aw thanks man, that’s awesome to hear and I’m really glad you enjoy the devlog. It’s hard to believe that I’ve maintained a weekly devlog for 5 years, but every now and then someone drops in to tell me how much they appreciate me documenting the whole process and that reinvigorates me.