Top 10 Indie games.. GO


Hey y’all,

Well, everything’s in the title. What’s YOUR Top 10 Indie games and why? GO


Lol you created the topic and didn’t answer yourself? Ok, I’ll start. This is based on what I’ve played the most in the past couple years.

  1. Dwarf Fortress. Amazing depth and simulation detail.
  2. Terraria. Fantastic art combined with smooth gameplay and tons of content.
  3. FTL. Simple on the surface, but the deep micromanagement and ship configuration possibilities provide lots of tactical options with very different play-styles.
  4. Minecraft (hasn’t been indie in years, but it was!). Billions of dollars can’t be wrong.
  5. Spelunky. The way I nostalgically remember 2D platformer arcade games were when I was young, but they were never this fleshed out. Get the freeware version first before buying the updated version on Steam.
  6. The Binding of Isaac. A loving homage to Legend of Zelda’s dungeon levels, filled with secrets and an absurd number of items that stack together in interesting ways that change how you play.
  7. Mount and Blade series. The quest system has always been extremely rudimentary, but by largely ignoring it, I have logged hundreds of hours conquering the world and enjoying extremely satisfying combat mechanics.
  8. Rogue Legacy. Solid platforming, with lots of unlockable classes and progression, and bosses and secrets and replayability.
  9. The Banner Saga. Amazing sound and art direction, combined with novel “caravan” mechanics, “choose your own adventure” style questing, turn-based combat, and tough consequences, make this game completely unique.
  10. Desktop Dungeons. Get the freeware version. Very balanced, minimalist design with lots of unlockable classes and races. Casual, simple to learn, boardgame-like turn-based gameplay with some surprising tactics emerging gradually overtime.

Honorable Mentions:
11) Crypt of the Necrodancer. Adorable twist on beat games with classic topdown turnbased action. Still in early-access.
12) Papers, Please. Awkward, claustrophobic, and a lot like like real work, this is a game that pressures you to fail until you give up… or learn to actually get very good at your job. Moral choices struggle brilliantly against the games’ unfaltering drive to make you a cog in its detail-oriented fascist wheel.
13) Starbound. Terraria-clone that lacks the art direction of Terraria, but which is also branching out and trying to do its own thing. Still in early access.
14) The Depths of Tolagal. Another freeware topdown turn-based retro game I love.

Bonus list! Recent highly-rated indie games I’m just now getting into.

  1. Xenonauts
  2. Transistor


Desktop dungeons was pretty cool … the commercial version was ruined with the silly meta-game though. They had a solid game mechanic already and then they spent all that extra time on adding a city builder and everything around it. Such a shame!

Here’s some indie games that I enjoyed- in no particular order: Nethack, Brogue, Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, Crawl - Powerhoof, Spelunky, Binding of Isaac, Iji, Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, Hotline Miami, Nuclear Throne, 868-hack, Corrypt, Samarost 2.

I’d like to put Dwarf Fortress on there but I’ve only played it a few times. I think the ideas behind it are a lot better than the actual implementation. Reading the changelog is my favourite part.

If I was stuck on an island and could only take 3 games with me they would be: Minecraft, Nethack and some sort of puzzle game, like Threes.


Oh whoops, I forgot Legend of Grimrock 2. It’s such an awesome game!


I agree with you about Desktop Dungeons, but I was still happy to give them a few bucks for the effort… and all the time I spent on the freeware version!

I’ve been playing Dwarf Fortress for so many years now that I hardly notice the awkward UI and lack of tutorial. Omg the changelog is hilarious! I recommend the Lazy Newb pack, which bundles a ton of utilities and graphics packs together under a single launcher.

I have Legend of Grimrock 2 installed and ready to play, but I haven’t even launched it yet. Too many games and not enough time to play them! Ahh… first world problems.

There’s several games in your list I haven’t even heard of. Guess I’ll be checking those out!


Well, if I didnt answer it, it’s only because I’m kinda new to this whole indie game thing… Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved video games, been playing since I was a toddler, but I haven’t been playing that much the last few years, mainly cuz I thought video games (meaning AAA games) got boring… Until I found out about indie games recently. And I just love it, reminds me of when I used to play Super Mario on my Gameboy and all these games that made me fall in love with gaming, but I haven’t played that many indie games for now :confused: And Moonman is the first game where I get a bit “involved” :moonman_gradient:

Oh I did love Super Meat Boy. And you guys got me addicted to Desktop Dungeons, i haven’t been able to stop playing it for two days now :'D Also I just bought The Binding of Isaac (as it seems to be a “classic”) but didn’t have the time to try it yet (mostly because Desktop Dungeons. God, the joy I felt when I killed my first boss!)

Anyway, thanks for your answers, I now have a lot of games to try, and I hope other people will comment on this thread :moonman:


Haha glad you got in Desktop Dungeons, it’s an awesome game. Also go play Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup, and I’ll see you in a few months when you’re not addicted to it anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, I’ve been playing a little freeware indie game recently called Roguelight. It’s got some great pixel art style, and a unique mechanic: darkness. Much of the levels are very dark, making it difficult or impossible to see the environment. You use a limited supply of fire arrows to kill enemies, light the area, and light hanging torches. Arrows, once lit, don’t stay burning for long, and they attach to walls, providing a brief sputtering light. It’s very atmospheric. I found the game quite difficult at first, when you haven’t bought any unlocks and don’t understand how the levels work. But after playing it for an hour or so I found myself able to partly predict the environment, as well getting much better at knowing when to conserve and when to spend your precious ammunition. I found it very satisfying when I could sometimes guess where spike traps and pitfalls and remote ledges were, even though I couldn’t see them. A simple little, well-designed, free platformer roguelike.


I need to go check that out :slight_smile: sounds really fun, thank you for posting it.


Ha, yeah Roguelight looks great. I think it has moonman in it too. At least managore showed me a gif with moonman as an enemy in the game – not sure if he officially made it in.


Nice! It’s cool you’ve been networking with other indie devs. I’ve only gotten to level 7 in Roguelight so far. At that point, grim reapers who are immune to arrows appear. And then I die. I haven’t seen moonman yet, but I’ll let you know if I bump into him!


Ah, Roguelight. A very fun, small and challenging game. :bunny:


I’d have to say my favorites include but are not limited to: Robocraft, Binding of Isaac (I haven’t played Rebirth yet…), Limbo, Minecraft, Strafe, Besiege, Battleblock Theater, Toribash, Spelunky and Arcane Worlds