What does 2017 have in store for you?


What does 2017 have in store for you?

For me it’s the whole Moonman thing, but I also hope to make a 7DRL game and at least one Ludum Dare game. I look forward to running again - I stopped exercising in early 2016 due to an injury and never got back into it. There will be some changes in my home life and I’ll be moving office again in April or so. I hope to play The Last Guardian and FFXV and to start a local D&D campaign, but these are very low priority and I may not find the time. I’ll continue to oversee Pixel Dailies on twitter, but that’s hardly any work for me these days as the other mods run the day-to-day. I’m planning to be less active on Twitter as it started to be a bit of a distraction, I’ll still be on it but hope to use it more to keep in touch with friends than a megaphone.


'nother semester as a CS undergrad. hopefully i can get some composition and game design in this year, id love to finish a project for once![quote=“ben, post:1, topic:1561”]
I’m planning to be less active on Twitter

ill miss your banter! oh well. good luck to you and yer goals, though!


I plan to work a lot. My wife and I want to pay off the house early and save some money for when we decided to have a baby.


Possibly moving to Chicago, hoping to finally finish a dinky little game POC I’ve been working on for a bit, get into some more open source projects, write a book, actually get some time to play all the games I’ve bought over the holiday :crazy: (and play more D&D, I may have accidentally volunteered for a huge movement of people on imgur who are dying to play)


Good luck, I’m sure it’s been a busy few years, it’ll be nice for you to finish :slight_smile:

Well I hope Boeing has a great year and there’s plenty of work for you then :slight_smile:

Yes do it!


364 days of procrastination and then doing ALL OF IT on new year’s eve.


Well i’d like to find a work but in my country the 40% of the young population haven’t got a work and i am not surprised :slight_smile: we will see!


Which country? What kind of work are you looking for?


That’s a huge unemployment rate, what country are you from?


For me, mainly working, though with more time off than in previous years - I have too much saved up so I’ve gotta start using it, will will hopefully involve a trip to Europe, and also a little time off to play Zelda when the switch launches. Other than that…hopefully finally moving out of home, and doing more courses on game dev and whatnot, then working on stuff with a pal.


Everyone should travel at least once


@Strider2126 are you from spain?


Yes go to Europe! Such a great place with so many cultures and different cities all packed in together so tightly. My fav place was Slovenia!


Slovenia will have to wait until another trip. This one will be somewhat short and focused mainly on Germany and the Netherlands.


Well, Germany is amazing too :slight_smile:


So I didn’t mention this before, but shortly after I got back from cambodia I got deathly ill. I’m feeling better today and happy to finally know what it is. Seems I caught a little bug known as giardia.

I will spare you the disgusting details. I’m not nearly as dehydrated as I was and I’m not losing weight at such a alarming rate anymore. The good news is I’m nearly my high-school weight again :sunglasses:


Oh that’s awful, what a bad start to 2017. Hope you get well soon mate. :heart:


I was shocked when the doctor called me today, until then I would have bet all my money on it being bacterial.


Speed dieting with Dr.Giardia: Side effects may include slight dehydration.

In all seriousness, hope you get better.


Ouch! Glad you’re feeling better… Giardia is a nasty one. I think it’s pretty common when traveling to places that don’t have the best water quality. Also from drinking straight from streams/rivers. But hooray for surprise weight loss right?