What games are you playing?


I don’t get much time for games these days, but I played a little Darkest Dungeons today. It seems really neat, a decent amount of strategy, a unique style, great sound design and a booming voice-over.

I also saw the latest Assassin’s Creed game playing on my brothers PS4, and it looks really amazing. I’d love to sit down and just wander about the city. Maybe one day…

I’m also a big Fallout and Starcraft fan, both of which had new versions/expansions released this month. I might get to play a few hours over the next month and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m a Zerg player and saw some of the new units, I think the upgraded hydralisk looks pretty neat.

Besides those I’ve got telsagrab and undertale and 20 other games on my playlist, they are slowly building up. I’ll have a busy retirement in 50 years. :wink:

What are you playing atm?


AC:Syndicate, Fallout 4 and the new SC are all definitely on my list too, but thanks to time constraints I’ve been mostly hitting Kingdom of Loathing, MM and a wee bit of Destiny lately. I don’t even remember the last time I fired up Steam, which is weird for me. Once my current project is done and I’m back in the States I’ll probably be tearing up all the Xbox games I’ve purchased but never had the opportunity to play, like Titanfall and AC:Unity.

I just checked out Darkest Dungeon and it looks awesome! That may make it to the top of my priority list now…


I recommend Besiege, Terratech, Robocraft… definitely Sir, you are being Hunted, among others.


Playing Fallout 4. Forced me to buy a new graphics card, but totally worth it. Base building is awesome! :grin:


I just played through The Beginner’s Guide, it was indescribably amazing. One of the best narrative type games I’ve played since Portal.


I just finished a playthrough of Undertale, a very well-made game by Toby Fox. It’s not a long experience, but it’s extremely rememberable, with each character being well fleshed out, along with the game tailing some extreme secrets.


Lol, what is this thing?!

Ooh, added to mar wishlist.


Undertale has been sitting on my desktop for a couple of weeks. One day I’ll start it up and play through. :crazy:


A surprisingly massive, constantly evolving web-based adventure game with the most ridiculously irreverent tongue-in-cheek humor I’ve ever seen. It parodies or subverts virtually every gaming and literature trope in existence. For example, the player classes are things like “Pastamancer” and “Disco Bandit” and it has locations like “The Armory and Leggery” and enemies like the “7-Foot Dwarves” which you meet at “Mt. McLargeHuge”. Your initial tutorial is conducted by a bird named “Toot Oriel”.

Give it a shot, I dare you :crazy: Your actions are limited each day so it’s hard to waste too much time on it at first (the more advanced you get the more ways you have of extending your daily playtime, like getting drunk and cooking fancy foods).


Ha yes I played for a couple of minutes, and it was endearing :slight_smile: Kind of like Munchkin in terms of humour. Sounds really big though, which I’d totally get into if I had the time.

Speaking of “big” games, here’s something: http://orteil.dashnet.org/nested


Oh. Yep. I’ve played with that quite a lot before.


You just killed 20 minutes of my work productivity before I even realized what happened…


mwah! :crazy:


Played Witness, loved it! Completed all the classes puzzles in Alcazar – a neat line game.

Still haven’t played Dark Souls 3!!


Been playing a little Spelunky lately, 3 years on and it’s just as good. That game will live on for decades.


Oh man, Spelunky! The new one or the original?


The new one. It’s almost a perfect video game, with the right balance of mechanics to learn, dexterity required, etc. Maybe the deaths can be a little too unavoidable at times, but it’s so much fun.


Have you beaten it? I’ve been playing Spelunky for years but I usually hit a wall in the fourth world. It’s an intensely tough game.
I’ve been playing the new Nioh demo released yesterday on PS4. Exciting new game, like a Samurai Souls.
(btw, I haven’t been on the forum here in ages, just been busy and occasionally lurking around, but still following the progress of Moonman, reading the updates and super excited to play it!)


Nope! I haven’t ever got past Olmec, though I got pretty close once when I had a jetpack. Same with Nethack, I’ve only ever got down to level 12 or so, but I always have a blast when I play it.

Just looked at a video of Nioh, looks awesome. It seems like they were strongly inspired by Dark Souls, right down to the gui.

Thanks for dropping by :slight_smile: We’re still here. Forum is pretty quiet these days while we’re in crunch mode!


Some of us lurk more than we post