What games are you playing?


It seems like getting consistently good at the game comes down to how well you can rob the shopkeeper. I’m the same, the furthest I’ve ever gotten was with the jetpack and shotgun. But it’s strange, once you get items like that it turns into an entirely different game.

It wears the influences on its sleeve, but from playing I feel like there’s enough difference to make it a bit special. Not just the setting, but the combat is based on combos and special moves, almost like a mix between Dark Souls and Bayonetta or something, set in weird supernatural demon-infested anicent Japan. It also feels more-difficult than a souls game, and that’s quite interesting.

I’ve been reading all the updates and it’s looking great! I’m excited to play it, good luck with the continued development. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think the same. Also the game had a bug in the first few months where you could use the mattock infinitely many times, which was fun.


Recently found a game that’s pretty fun. Broken Puppet.
3rd person physics puzzle game set in what looks like a dystopian world of french puppets. It looks like a high quality game you’d pay for, but it’s actually a free work, so that’s pretty cool.


Wow yeah it looks great. It says there were quite a few devs so surprising it was released for free. :slight_smile:


I know, right? It’s fairly short, but a lot of work was put into it.
Also, aside from the staff list and basic premise of the game, I…can’t find any information on it. No backstory, origin, or anything. It’s really strange.


Played some DF on the weekend. That game will take a lifetime of weekends to learn.

In the screenie below you can see:

  • A dining room, with distillery and fish cleaning station at the top, 2 tables and then a kitchen
  • A bedroom with 11 beds
  • A big workshop
  • A room with downstairs which leads to a deep mine with silver and other ores
  • Some storage rooms and a central meeting room
  • A small farm plot (lower-right)

I’m still learning the basics but having a blast.


I’ve tried several times to learn DF but you’re right, it’s not easy. Maybe I should give it yet another whirl…


Yeah I suggest taking a few hours and going through a tutorial or quickstart to get the very basics down. I think you have to lower your expectations and say “ok i’m just going to make a small fortress with a few beds, a workshop and a stockpile” and that may take a few hours to figure out.

Something that stumped me is that I would outline a mining area and the dwarfs wouldn’t mine there – there are different factors that contribute to that, but once you put in the time to understand it then it seems to work ok.


Does anyone want a free copy of Nuclear Throne on PS4 or Vita? I don’t have a PS4 or anything, so I have no use for it. ( I got it in the Nuclear Throne Indiebox)


Me neither, but I think it’s cool that your giving it away.


I would like to take a second and highly recommend a game I found last October: Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

So, the story is you are an [insert class here], who was working on an inter-dimensional portal for some reason and got trapped in the Archipelago. Now you have to find fragments and get yourself back home. With an army of killer British robots after you.

It’s basically a godsend for the people who argue graphics don’t matter. Nothing is high res, yet it’s the scariest game I’ve played hands-down. No matter how many times you think you are ready for the first gunshot, you are not. And since the game is a roguelike with a high difficulty curve, expect to die. Over and over and over…

Game Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/242880/


It’s been in my library for a year, haven’t yet found time to play it, ahah … :S


Overwatch, stardew valley and titan quest anniversaey edition (for the 20th time :joy: )