Wormhole City Sci-fi PC Adventure Game Announcement


I’m a game developer and I would like to share my project and opportunity for you all,


Wormhole City, a sci-fi adventure with gravitational force physics, Metroidvania gameplay and vehicle sections so you can navigate upside down and sideways throughout a level. You play as an android reactivated and must protect Wormhole City while trying to find your missing creator. Exploring, vehicle sections, solving puzzles, enemy A.I. combat, and equipment upgrades are all implemented in the game. We aim to create a story-driven narrative through characters and audio logs that you will encounter and affect the story’s outcome with the decisions you make.

We hope to involve the community in this project, if you like or share our project on social media, please e-mail us at ]zenrokstudios at outlook dot com and we will include your name in the credits of our game!


Oh, Moonman’s first spam! I’m all for sharing projects, especially indie ones, but to avoid this getting out of hand I’m going to change the rules a little to require that you post a few times before starting your own threads. :crazy:


My apologies. My best experiences in dealing with kickstarter promotions is having a thread dedicated to it; I think it is something everyone can appreciate but I do not make the rules.

I really look forward to Moonman, I was a big fan of Rogue Legacy and I hope this game has a long and prosperous future.


I think you could get the attention you’re looking for by posting in a discussion board about indie games. You might browes reddit for one or 4chan. When posting about your game try to stick to places that have communities that enjoy that genre. In other words don’t try to sell halo to bejeweled fans.

Its a bit late to contact gaming sites to do a story on your game, but that can help too.

Edit: almost forgot… Upload some gameplay videos to youtube with your kickstarter link and try to contact a few letsplay people.

Best of luck to you.


No worries mate. This is just a small :moonman: community, mainly for alpha testing and keeping track of development. Definitely focus on posting your project on big forums. I can suggest /r/gamedev’s screenshot saturday thread, as well as places like TIGsource and gaming forums. However, all these places are only effective if you’ve been an active member for a while and get involved in other people’s projects. Gifs on twitter are also great.

Mainly though, you should be emailing 200+ game journalists with exciting information and screenshots so they can write about your game. There are big lists of gaming sites floating around the web. Make sure you write personalised emails and don’t expect replies. If you target writers who play games like yours then you’ll have a much better chance of getting exposure.


Thanks for the advice ben, you’re an excellent moderator. Sorry if I have upset anybody, if there is a way to delete or close this thread then that would be appropriate.


It’s really no problem, I just don’t have the resources to moderate a general gaming forum, especially when I’m supposed to be working on Moonman. Good luck with the KS! :owl: